Aufort raised €235,000 in its 2nd financing round using Ignium.

17 Nov 2021



We are proud to announce that Aufort has finished their community based financing round in cooperation with Ignium. Aufort proved that companies can successfully  raise money directly from their customers, without any intermediaries. Using Ignium, Aufort was able to connect Ignium’s blockchain securities infrastructure to their websites, social media and other online activities where they …

How to get community funding for your business (6 Steps)

15 Sep 2021



Today, there are ways that you can directly raise funds from your own community without the need to involve intermediaries. If your business meets the basic requirements, raising funds directly from your clients and community can be a straightforward and efficient process. There are products now available that allow you to set up the tools …

Ignium Public Equity Round Raises Over €900K in Collaboration with Fundwise & CoinMetro

25 Aug 2021



ESTONIA–International security token issuance and settlement platform IGNIUM is pleased to announce the successful raise of over €900,000 in an equity funding round that concluded this week. The round was conducted simultaneously on two crowdfunding platforms: CoinMetro Market, the crowdfunding marketplace arm of Tallinn-based crypto exchange Coinmetro, and Fundwise, an equity capital firm also based in …

Investomers: Turning loyal customers into shareholders

9 Aug 2021



Raising money and increasing customer loyalty can be a struggle for almost any business. But now, it is possible to combine your efforts and accomplish both at the same time. You can do this by turning your customers into your investors and creating investomers. An investomer is a relatively new term and concept that involves …

CoinMetro Launches Tokenized Bond Through Ignium’s Global Security Token Infrastructure

10 Nov 2020



Earlier this year, cryptocurrency exchange CoinMetro and security token issuance and settlement platform Ignium joined forces to form an end-to-end digital securities marketplace. Now, CoinMetro is announcing its own fundraising round: on November 3rd at 12:00pm GMT, CoinMetro launched a tokenized bond through the securities marketplace. Soon, CoinMetro’s bond — issued on and settled in Ignium — will be tradable …

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