Announcing the NFT Secondary Market Launch

28 Jul 2022



We are happy to announce that Ignium has launched the NFT Secondary Market functionality! NFT holders are able to put their NFTs up for sale. Once the sell offer is created, everyone who wishes to, will be able to purchase the NFT at the set price. Currently all the trades are initiated by the seller. …

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Reimo Hammerberg
CEO & Co-founder

Reimo has worked for close to 20 years at law firm Sorainen as a capital markets and financial services attorney and last 13 years as partner and head of the practice. He has advised numerous capital markets transactions, projects related to regulated entities, licensing, including advising capital markets infrastructure (stock-exchanges, CSDs) operators as well as technology start-ups acting in the space of financial services. Reimo is a board member at Finance Estonia (industry organisation for financial sector in Estonia) and heads blockchain related sub-group in FinTech group.

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