Ignium Public Equity Round Raises Over €900K in Collaboration with Fundwise & CoinMetro

25 Aug 2021



ESTONIA–International security token issuance and settlement platform IGNIUM www.ignium.io is pleased to announce the successful raise of over €900,000 in an equity funding round that concluded this week.

The round was conducted simultaneously on two crowdfunding platforms: CoinMetro Market, the crowdfunding marketplace arm of Tallinn-based crypto exchange Coinmetro, and Fundwise, an equity capital firm also based in Estonia. The funding will be used to expand Ignium’s affordable, blockchain-powered capital market platform that connects with and fuels the daily businesses of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Reimo Hammerberg, CEO of Ignium.io, said that: “Although this public fundraising round was launched in response to the request of Ignium users, we were still positively surprised to see such a high level of interest. The full amount of shares offered in the round were subscribed to in just a few weeks.”

“We are also delighted that in addition to our clients, we also have some angel investors joining the round. Now we have to focus on delivery and keep our eyes on the ball,” Reimo added.

The funds raised will support Ignium’s mission to connect SMEs with an international pool of retail investors. This vastly expands SMEs’ access to international growth capital and provides a global pool of retail investors with access to private company securities.

Kevin Murcko, founder and CEO of Coinmetro, said: “This kind of collaborative fundraising model shows that Ignium, Fundwise, and Coinmetro all want the same thing–the success of our users. Supporting the channels that allow SMEs to access international capital is incredibly important to us, and it’s good for the world, too.”

Henri Laupmaa, founder and CEO of Fundwise commented: “We are pleased to build an open system for SME funding and the cooperation between Ignium, Fundwise and Coinmetro is a good sample case that shows what can be achieved with platforms working together.”

Ignium Partnered with CoinMetro Market & Fundwise to Create a Groundbreaking Collaborative Fundraising Model

Coinmetro Market and Fundwise were able to connect through Ignium’s open capital markets infrastructure for SMEs to which both platforms connect. As such, the funding was raised from existing Ignium users as well as from new investors.

The funding is not only significant because of the size of the round, but also because of the way in which it was conducted: two primary marketing platforms (CoinMetro Market and Fundwise) collaborated to support the same fundraising round, essentially building the same book of investors.

This collaborative fundraising model is unique. Historically, fundraising platforms act on a solo basis–they do not share clients. Therefore, this cooperation represents Ignium’s mission to promote collaboration and open infrastructure in the digital securities space.

About Ignium

Ignium.io’s blockchain-based security token infrastructure enables a direct, affordable, and reliable connection between companies and investors globally. Through Ignium, companies can issue and sell digital assets to investors around the globe with no intermediaries, and at a fraction of competitors’ costs. Ignium also offers investors an “e-commerce-like” secondary market, and a state-of-the-art capable solution that is constantly updated in real-time. All of Ignium’s services run on blockchain technology. Founded in Estonia by Reimo Hammerberg and Kevin Murcko in 2019. For inquiries, please contact Reimo Hammerberg ([email protected]) or Jevgenia Buravetskaya ([email protected]).

About Fundwise

Fundwise is an equity crowdfunding platform that acts as a meeting place for campaigners and investors. Founded by Henri Laupmaa in 2015, the platform provides entrepreneurs with access to a group of committed advisors, evangelists, potential board members. Investors in Fundwise campaigns can mitigate risk through diversification. To learn more, visit fundwise.me. For inquiries, please contact Henri Laupmaa ([email protected]).

About CoinMetro

A fully EU-licensed exchange, CoinMetro is owned and operated by CoinMetro Group OÜ, a company incorporated in Estonia under company number 14448371. The CoinMetro Platform is an exchange-based order book for various pairings of cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies and is now a primary and secondary market for digital securities. For press inquiries, please contact Liina Laas (email: [email protected], phone: +372 56 27 3661).

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Reimo Hammerberg
CEO & Co-founder

Reimo has worked for close to 20 years at law firm Sorainen as a capital markets and financial services attorney and last 13 years as partner and head of the practice. He has advised numerous capital markets transactions, projects related to regulated entities, licensing, including advising capital markets infrastructure (stock-exchanges, CSDs) operators as well as technology start-ups acting in the space of financial services. Reimo is a board member at Finance Estonia (industry organisation for financial sector in Estonia) and heads blockchain related sub-group in FinTech group.

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